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Why Navigation Structure Is Important?

Why Navigation Structure Is Important?

A website with good navigation structure is important for both visitors and search engines. You should plan carefully for the structure of your website, such as evaluate which content is more important? where should it be appeared? And you should also think about how your visitors find the content they want? How they will go from general page to more specific content page? Is your website structure seo-friendly?

Below are some tips that show you what and how a good navigation structure is good for visitors and search engine robots.

For Your Visitors

Good navigation helps your visitors more easily to find the content they want in the website. For best practice, you should include a breadcrumb in your website. So, what is breadcrumb? A breadcrumb is a row of links that normally placed on the most obvious position of your page that inform your visitors that the section / content they are reading now and allow them to quickly navigate back to previous section or page. (see picture below)

Why Navigation Structure Is Important?
Nasa uses a breadcrumb in its official website.

Besides, you should also provide a simple and easy-understand sitemap for your visitors. Usually, a sitemap is a page that used to tell your visitors that the structure of your website, and normally visited by your visitors when they having problems in finding the page in your website. (see picture below)

Why Navigation Structure Is Important?
Apple has a very useful sitemap at the bottom of the website.

In addition, there is one quite important point to apply on your website is called “”3 Clicks Rule”. You should designed your website which allow your visitors able to find the content they want within 3 clicks. This is because your visitors might get frustrated and often they leave your website if they can’t reach the content within 3 clicks.

For Search Engines

You should create a XML sitemap and submit it to search engine. The XML sitemap file tells search engines that the total pages, content of pages and make search engine robots easier for discovering the pages on your site. Usually, it is very helpful when your site has dynamic content that using rich AJAX technology or images or your pages not well linked to each other.

Use text for navigation. You should create your site navigation by using text instead images or FLASH. Navigation with text not only make it easier for webmaster to update in the future, it also help search engines more easily in crawling your website.

Last but not least, specify your canonical for your pages that having duplicate or similar content. For example, one page might displaying products listed by rating, while another page displaying the same products too listed by color. In this case, you can use canonical element to suggest the page that you think is best to search engines.

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  • James

    The 3 Click Rule is a very important point. If a site visitor can’t find what they want within 3 clicks, they will almost definitely just leave your site. You really have to make things as easily available as possible. You can’t bury things hoping a buyer will find it. Point it out to them!

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