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SEO: “Description” Meta Tag

SEO: “Description” Meta Tag

Introduction of “Description” Meta Tag

The “description” meta tag is use to tell search engine’s robots and users a summary of what the page is about. The tag is placed within <head> element and after the <title> element of your HTML document. The information of description meta tag should not be either too short, too long or duplicated too many times.

Why It’s So Important?

You may asking “why the description meta tag of a HTML document is so important in search engine optimization?”. This is because most of the search engines might* use the information of your description meta tag as snippet for your page, which listed in search result. See the following example:

Description Meta Tag
The description’s information display under the title of your page.

*Note: Search engines may choose to use other relevant section of information of your page as search result snippet, if that particular section does a good job of matching up with user’s query.

Best Practice Of Using Description Meta Tag

Always write an accurate and informative description that related to the content on the page. In addition, every page of your website should have unique description.

Please keep in mind that, you should avoid filling your description with ONLY keywords or generic description such as “This is a page about design tutorial” or copy and paste the entire of content of your page into the description meta tag.

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  • It should be not more than 150 characters. and It is a best tag to describe about your website to visitors and search engines.

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