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Must Know HTML Tags For Search Engine Optimization

Must Know HTML Tags For Search Engine Optimization

Most of web designers like you and me were know that the HTML tags, like keywords and descriptions meta tags are important for search engine optimization about a decade ago. Unfortunately because of so often abused,  most of the search engines such as Google has announced that it doesn’t use keywords meta tag anymore in web ranking at September 2009. So what else HTML tags that available for us in optimizing our website other than the two mentioned above?

Title Tag

The most important tag for a page’s optimization. For most of search engines, the maximum length of title tag is around 60-70 characters, if your page title has over 70 characters, your title will be cut off on the search result page. You should write your page’s title possibly with at least 2-3 relevant keywords and don’t go over with adding a lot of keywords, keep it short and descriptive.

H1 – H6 Tag

Header tag is important in your web page after the Title tag. The header tag indicate the topic for your web page and is where most people look first when they are trying to figure out what the page is about. This is same to search engine robots, the content with H1 tag will be considered important than other content that with H2 or P tag on the page.

Strong and Bold tag

Is good to give the relevant keywords a strong or bold tag. Search Engine Robots would know that, the words with strong or bold tag is important when it accessing your web page. Note: Never bold a page or paragraph. 🙂

Link’s Title Attribute

Insert value to your link’s attribute is good for usability and accessibility. Make sure you included descriptive keyword, because it is not only easily understand by user, also tells search engine robots what the link is.

Image’s Alt Attribute

Make sure every images on your website have short and descriptive keywords. It not only provide information for search engine robots, it also inform user what the image is about when the image not loaded.

Charset Tag

Although this is not important in web ranking, it is good to let search engine robots identify which character-type set your web page was using when it crawling. Try to declare your web page’s character-type set in header of every pages. For example:
<meta http-equiv=”Content-Type” content=”text/html; charset=utf-8″ />

Last but not least

Try to make every pages on your website compliant to the standard of W3C (Worldwide Web Consortium) as closely as possible. Keeps in mind that, search engine robots like to access the website with good structure.

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