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Common Questions in Search Engine Optimization

Common Questions in Search Engine Optimization

Recently, onlyWebPro have received a lot of questions regarding to the Search Engine Optimization. Here’s a list of some of the questions with answers and hopefully these answers can help you.

Q1: Why there is no changes for my website ranking?

There are several reasons why your website ranking has no changes on search engine result, and below are the answers for you to improve it.

  • Good Quality Content: You should write high quality original related content for your website, instead of duplicate others content. Besides, you should not use more than 3 times related keywords into the same content.
  • Link Exchange With Others: Try to exchange the hyper-links of your website to other webmasters. Please keep in mind that, try to exchange your link with those has higher value of Google Page Rank.
  • Constantly Update Content: Update your website content constantly with good quality of content. This is a great way to quickly get new content indexed by search engine.

Q2: Why has my website disappear from search engine result?

But there is couple hundreds of reasons for this question. Generally speaking is your website MIGHT penalize by search engines due to over optimization. Below are some of the possible answers for this question.

  • Keep On Submitting Your Website to Search Engine: Please don’t keep on submitting your website to search engine. Your website might penalized due to spamming.
  • Duplicate Contents: Please write your own or hire somebody to write the content for you, because search engine like to crawl and index good quality original content, so please don’t copy others content and paste it directly to your website.
  • Link To Web Spammers
  • Excessive Links Exchanging
  • Black Hat SEO

Q3: How many words should my page be?

There is no specific answer for this question. Obviously, the more words you have the better and as long as the quality of the content is good and it is original.

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