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Must Know Basic SEO Knowledge For Beginner

Must Know Basic SEO Knowledge For Beginner

Most of the fresh web developers / designers might wondering that what do they need to pay more attention on when they are optimizing their website for search engine. Today, onlyWebPro would like to share some of the basic knowledge to all of you regarding to search engine optimization.

Use HTML Instead of Flash

You are advised to construct your site with HTML instead of Flash. If your site is constructed by Flash, then search engine robots may have trouble when crawling your website. Minimize the use of Flash in your site, you may use it to enhance your site interactivity, but not use it for entire website. Besides, you must make sure “title” elements in your website are descriptive and accurate.

Site Map

You should include site map of your website, it used to help search engine robots crawling and indexing your site more easily. The site map must has clear hierarchy of your website link structure.

Include As Much Information As You Can Into Images

You should include the details of the images on your site as much as you can. The most important is the filename of the images. A descriptive filename can gives the clues for the search engine about the subject matter of the image and it also useful for you visitors. For example, a filename “my-shoe.jpg” is contained more information than “IMG001.jpg“. Besides, you should include great information into the alt attribute of your site image. The alt attribute is useful in several reason, which is, it tells search engine what is the image about and is useful for disabled visitor, such as user with visual impairments, they rely on the screen reader to get the information of your website.

Make The Size of Website Smaller

You should optimize the file size of your website and make it as smaller as you can, this is because page loading speed is now one of the factors that influence your website ranking. The website with less download time is not only good for search engine optimization, but it also helps to make your visitor happy.

Submit Your Site To Search Engine (Condition)

You are advised to submit your website to search engine, when you do have large amount of original contents. The reason is simple, search engine robots like original content, with the large amount of the original content, search engine robots will spend more time to crawl your site and it also will visit your site more regularly if you keep updating your website with original content.

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