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9 MUST KNOW Tips to Optimize Your Website For Search Engine

9 MUST KNOW Tips to Optimize Your Website For Search Engine

1. Don’t built your home page fully with Flash

Most of the search engine cannot access into Flash, so don’t built your home page in Flash Format.

2. Don’t use images or Flash as navigation

Images and Flash are not machines-friendly. Basically, search engine robots crawls your website and follow your text based link to others pages in your website, therefore you must not use images or Flash as navigation for your website.

3. Don’t built your website fully with images without HTML structure

Search engine like HTML structure, a website with good structure allow search engine robots to crawl and index the website easily.

4. Use W3C recommended HTML structure

Heading tags (like <h1>,<h2> and etc) not only help in highlighting the important text and headings on a webpage, also tells the search engine robots, which is title, sub title and content.

5. Insert text in ALT field of image

Search engine scan ALT attribute in image when search is performed. So make sure images in your website has good explanatory ALT text.

6. Different and relevant keywords in every page title

The page title is one of the important factor in search engine’s ranking. Make sure you have different and relevant keywords for every page title. It helps search engine to determine content of your page.

7. Insert keywords into page-URL

Search engine robots will look into your page URL when its indexing your page content. Named your page-URL with keywords, example “my-page-keywords.html”.

8. Builds links on other websites

Increase your website search ranking by building more good quality links from other websites.

9. Avoid duplicate content

Make sure you have original content and don’t copy others content and paste it into your website. Your website may not rank well in search engine!

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