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How Often Search Robots Crawl Your Website?

How Often Search Robots Crawl Your Website?

Sometimes you may ask why the search engine does not index your new uploaded pages in search result. There are several factors for search engine to determine how often should it crawl your website.

Quality of Content

I’m sure that, you have heard about the search engine like original content. Write your own content, even though you are not good in writing, search engine is not human, it doesn’t know whether your articles have any grammar mistake or not. So please do not copy other website’s content and paste it directly into your website, else your page would not index by search engine.

Update Frequency

The search engine robot will crawl your website often, if you keep uploading new and original content to your website. News website and forum have updated hundreds of articles in a day. That’s why all the news website and forum ranked well in search result.

The Structure of Website

If you want your page being listed by search engine, then you have to ensure your website have good structure that allowed search engine robot easily access your website.

Large Number of High Quality Inlinks

Ensure that there are large number of high quality links directed to your website. High quality here means the links directed to your website appear in the good reputation and high traffic website.

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