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Mobile Web Business Marketing

Mobile Web Business Marketing

Marketing your small business isn’t easy job. It’s hard to know where you should to spend your limited budget and even harder to know if you’ve made the right choices.

This article is breifly introduce you to an exciting new low cost marketing medium that offers enormous potential for small businesses.

Introduction To Mobile Web

The mobile web is different from the traditional desktop web.

Some people access desktop Web sites from their mobile phones but this experience tends to be frustrating. Most Web sites were not designed to be used on a device with a smaller screen, tiny keyboard and wihtout mouse.

For this reason, businesses that want to attract mobile users often design a mobile-optimized website for enhancing the mobile experience. These hundreds millions of mobile web are what we really mean when we talk about the mobile Web.

The mobile Web is really good at two things:

Entertainment & Utility.

Entertainment sites are great for when people want to kill time. Maybe they’re on a train, in the doctor’s office or waiting to pick up a child from school. People may use this little breaks to pay the bills, reserve restaurant seat, movie showtimes and etc.So, now it’s time for your to market your business on web!

Target Audience’s Mobile Devices

Know your target audiences, find out what kind of mobile devices are they using, recognize the limitation of the devices, such as screen resolution, touch based and etc.

Keep It Simple & Load Fast

Keep your mobile web light and load fast, to reduce the need of bandwidth and battery consumption.

Make It Useful

Don’t just think about your business and your goals – think about your audience and what they really need, especially when they’re on the go.

Promoting Your Mobile Web

  • Put the mobile site address on your business cards
  • Run a mobile-only promotion
  • Run a contest
  • Email and send sms to your customer
  • Organize a launch event for your mobile content


The mobile web is a powerful marketing opportunity for businesses of every size. Many experts predict that it will become bigger than the desktop Web, so why not to market your business in mobile web?

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