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From Adobe Flash to HTML5

From Adobe Flash to HTML5

Recently, Adobe has been introduced a new technology called ‘Wallaby’ during Adobe’s MAX conference. ‘Wallaby’ is the latest technology of Adobe to help its Adobe Flash Developers / Designers to convert their Flash artworks and animation files into latest web standard ‘HTML5’. This is really a good news for Flash Developers to deliver their Flash content to non-Flash-supported devices such as Apple iPhone and iPad. Adobe was really putting a lot of efforts in pushing its Flash technology to multiple platform.

At this moment, Wallaby only is using WebKit CSS3 tags in converting the Flash to HTML5, which means that the HTML5 files that generated by Wallaby is only compatible to WebKit browser. Please note that current supported WebKit browsers are Google Chrome and Apple Safari in OSX, Windows and iOS.

The following video has show you how to convert a Flash file to HTML5 compatible format.

For a complete list of supported features, please see the Wallaby documentation page on Adobe Labs.

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