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Configure Mobile Site For Google Mobile Search

Configure Mobile Site For Google Mobile Search

Surfing web by using mobile phone is current trend and it is growing rapidly in recent years. You can go to Google Mobile Search Page and using “site:youdomainname” to start search your page and see how your page appear in Google Mobile Search. If your search query doesn’t return anything, then that’s mean your page is not indexed by Google Mobile Search and your page has the following issues:

Google Mobile Crawler is unable to find and access your page

Due to over hundred thousands of web page updated and created on everyday, the Google Crawler might not able to discover your page yet. If is this case, then the best solution is to create a mobile sitemap and submit it to Google via Google Webmaster Tools. The sitemap will use to notify Google the existence of your pages and allow Google Crawler to discover, access and index you pages.

Besides, the setting of your site may block the access of Google Crawler except mobile phones, therefore your site is not index by Google Mobile Search. Please keep in mind that Google Mobile Search is different from Google Desktop Search. If you’d like your site being crawled by Google Crawler, then you have to allow the User-Agent called “Googlebot-Mobile” to access your site in robots.txt file setting.

Your website is NOT optimize for mobile

Google Mobile Search will exclude any site that not viewable in mobile phone, which means that you have to optimize your website for mobile phones. One of the way to solve this problem is to declare the definition of your web document type make it compatible to the mobile format such as XHTML Mobile, cHTML, WML and etc.

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