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Improve Loading Speed of Mobile Web

Improve Loading Speed of Mobile Web

Accessing internet from mobile device is growing rapidly within these few years. There are a lot of mobile optimized websites that ready for mobile users. Due to the limitation of bandwidth, connection speed and costs, web designer is advised to reduce the loading time needed for mobile website. Following are some tips for making your mobile website load faster on your audience mobile devices.

Minimize Use Of Images

You should reduce the use of images in your mobile website. Use only the image you need and eliminate images that serve no purpose other than to look pretty.Besides, since most of the modern mobile devices support CSS3, you may use CSS3 to create rounded corner, gradient, shadow and etc rather than using images. Please keep in mind that, most of the mobile phone users do not care about how pretty your website are, instead they are more concern about the content that provided by your website.

Reduce HTTP Request

To reduce the time that needed for loading, it is good to reduce the HTTP request of your mobile website. According to the study of Yahoo, 80% of the end user respond time is spent on the front-end, such as downloading all the required elements in the page: images, stylesheet, script and etc. In order to reduce the HTTP request, you should combine all your stylesheets and JavaScripts into a single file. Besides, you can also combine all your background images into single image and use CSS to load and display it. Please keep in mind that, single large object is load faster tha many small objects.

Minify Website’s Code

Minify your code is a good practice for making a clean, well formatted website. Remove all unnecessary characters and white space from code and it can helps to improve the loading speed of your mobile website. The less code, the smaller the amount of data transferred and the faster your page will load.

Avoid Redirects On Your Website

Redirect will slow down the user experience. Try to avoid redirects on your mobile website, if your page really requires redirect, please perform the redirection on server-side rather than client-side, this is because more transferring time needed, if you do it in client-side.

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