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Absolutely FREE Advertising!

Absolutely FREE Advertising!

Many of us might not know to advertise our brand in Google without spending a cent. Sounds interesting right? Visit http://www.google.com and type in “Chinese Restaurant” in the search field and press “Enter”, then you will see something that similar to the image below:

Absolutely FREE Advertising!

All the local Chinese Restaurants are listing in the search result with location map. So, how can we get this free advertising? The answer is submit your business to Google Local 🙂

Submit your business to Google Local

  • Logon to Google Local – www.google.com/local
  • Click on the “Add/Edit Business” which located at the bottom left of the page.
  • Write a good short description to describe your business.
  • Fill in your business’s contact info such as phone number, fax number, office address, email address and website URL.
  • Provide a logo or a image that can represent your business.
  • Follow the instruction of Google and verify your business either by phone or email
  • It may take several weeks to go through the verification, so check back your listing in few weeks later.

That’s it! Enjoy it. If you have any other ideas about online advertising method or SEO, feel free to share them in comment section.

  • jitendra vyas

    wow. I wasn’t aware about it. I will tell this to my clients.

  • saurabh

    Nice blog!! i like it. thanks for the sharing….

  • Al Toman

    Does not work for ‘web design’ business. It used to but not anymore. It works for ‘pizza’, ‘auto repair’ and such but not ‘web design’. You have to type in ‘web design in [your home town and state ] to get map results.

    • admin

      Thanks for your comment. Although it might not work fr web design, but it may work for your clients’ business. You may propose this idea to your clients, when his/her business is suitable with this advertising strategy. 🙂

  • Tiffany Chaplin

    I added my business to Google and it helped out alot. All the person has to put is Cleaning services in Joplin Missouri and they get a list of those businesses in their area. Works like a dream

  • 1024GBofRAM

    google offering free ads .. when you surfing , you may see . “1500 RS free Ads” .. it may vary according to the country ..! Now i am having two 1500 RS
    (30 $ Approximately) free ads in same account ..!

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