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10 Beautifully Kids Websites

10 Beautifully Kids Websites

There are many beautiful and interesting visual elements and layouts that you can found in the kids website. According to the research, children don’t like to do intense reading, they prefer simple and straightforward elements, so typically the font size of the kids website is big and most of the sites were using bright and vivid colors to make huge impression on their visitors.

Besides, the interactivity elements had been widely used in the kids website and most of the interactivity was  done by using Adobe Flash Technology. Although, Adobe Flash is discourage in modern web design, there is no other option for building highly interactive effects and experiences, that’s why Flash is still the first choice for many websites that designed for kids.

1. Nestle Ice Cream

Nestle Ice Cream
Kids Websites: Nestle Ice Cream

2. Discovery Kids

Discovery Kids
Kids Websites: Discovery Kids

3. My Online Reading

My Online Reading
Kids Websites: My Online Reading

4. Siringa 1

Siringa 1
Kids Websites: Siringa 1

5. Nasa Kids Club

Nasa Kids Club
Kids Websites: Nasa Kids Club

6. Kakao Puchatek

Kakao Puchatek
Kids Websites: Kakao Puchatek

7. PBS Kids

PBS Kids
Kids Websites: PBS Kids

8. MIVO Kids

Kids Websites: MIVO Kids

9. BBS CBeebies

BBS CBeebies
Kids Websites: BBS CBeebies

10. Playhouse Disney

Playhouse Disney
Kids Websites: Playhouse Disney

  • KK Lee

    Seriously, only Flash is manage to create high interactivity content at the moment!

    • Roy Wee Chee Liong

      I’m disagree to you. With combination of modern Web Technology such as HTML5+CSS+Javascript+PHP, you can create all these highly interactive content too.

      Somemore with modern web technology, your website are more search engine-friendly, if compare to Flash.

      • Jamal Ibrahim

        Yea! Apple iPhone is not support Flash as well, better to learn modern web tech.

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