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Say NO to Comment SPAM

Say NO to Comment SPAM

If you have your own website, it has probably happened to you. Some webmaster abuse other sites by submitting unrelated linked comments to increase their web traffic and search engines ranking. All these unrelated comments are considered as spam. So how are we going to avoid our websites being spam by others?

1. Disallow anonymous posting comments

Pros:  Only allow registered members to post comments. This can avoid and reduce the chance of your website being spam by unknown.

Cons: Requires a database to store your member’s information and only registered members can share their opinions, experiences and ideas.

2. Validation to prevent comment spamming

Pros:  Best method to prevent automated spam comments. By using the validation such as CAPTCHA, user is requiring a validation prior to publishing the comment.

Cons: May reduce the number of users who leave comments on your website.

3. Insert “nofollow” attribute for comment’s links

Pros: Much easier solution, to block search engines crawler accessing link in comments.

Cons: “nofollow” attribute may reduce the value of legitimate comments.

4. Disallow hyperlinks in comments

Pros: This is highly effective solution to prevent comment spam.

Cons: Your website might lose some interesting discussion.

5. Turn on moderation

Pros: Suitable for low and medium traffic websites, such as personal blog.

Cons: Every published comment need to be verified. Not suitable for high-traffic website.

Your Opinion

What kind of solution are you using now? We look forward to hearing your feedback!

  • Nic

    I’m using number 5 – ‘turn on moderation’. It’s easier and most effective way to prevent spam for small and medium traffic website!

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  • Chris

    Another good way to battle SPAM comments it to use a honeypot technique, I only use CAPTCHA as a last resort as I find a lot of end users hate it.

    You create an extra field within the form, hide it using CSS and perform a validation check to make sure it is blank on form submit, A bot/crawler will see the field and enter text into it thinking it will work.. Instead you just redirect the spider to another page.

    It works for 95% of the sites I have worked on 🙂

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